Soil Mixes

Soil Mixes

GARDEN MIX | AS-4454 LicSMKH21670

Australian_standardComposted chicken manure, crushed and graded pine bark and mill waste, blended with peat and top soil.
This mix is formulated for the home garden, suitable for general purpose planting.

Garden Mix Brochure (PDF 2.1MB)


Composted chicken and pig manure blended with sawdust and straw, crushed and graded pine bark, mill waste, peat, and topsoil.

This mix is formulated specifically for vegetable gardens and can also be used for general purpose planting.

Vegie Mix Brochure (PDF 1MB)


Australian_standardUse underneath new lawn, as a top dressing on existing lawns or add to existing poor quality soil as an additional source of organics.  Spread soil conditioner over your garden or underneath new lawn area and then mix into soil.

Soil Conditioner Brochure (PDF 1.6MB)


Yellow sand, spearwood red loam and soil conditioner blended together with added urea, designed specifically for top dressing.

Lawn Mix Brochure (PDF 2.2MB)


Soil conditioner with added yellow sand and spearwood red loam, for use in new and existing garden beds.

This mix is formulated for the home garden, suitable for general purpose planting and especially for natives. It is specifically formulated for native seedlings and tube stock.

Lansdcape Mix Brochure (PDF 1MB)


Screened soil for general landscape applications.

Budget Mix Brochure (PDF 2.1MB)


DEPIAZZI’S soil mixes are based on long standing composting techniques which are used to obtain the best available soil components. The materials are placed together and thoroughly mixed to form equally balanced material free from lumps, concentrations of each constituent and deleterious material.